Sunday, July 11, 2010

Review: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella
By Stephenie Meyer
Published June 2010
Published By Little, Brown
178 Pages, Hardcover

Source: Book was gifted to me.

Summary from Goodreads:

"Bree Tanner can barely remember life before she had uncannily powerful senses, superhuman reflexes and unstoppable physical strength. Life before she had a relentless thirst for blood... life before she became a vampire.

All Bree knows is that living with her fellow newborns has few certainties and even fewer rules: watch your back, don't draw attention to yourself and, above all, make it home by sunrise or die. What she doesn't know: her time as an immortal is quickly running out.

Then Bree finds an unexpected friend in Diego, a newborn just as curious as Bree about their mysterious creator, whom they know only as "her". As they come to realize that the newborns are pawns in a game larger than anything they could have imagined, Bree and Diego must choose sides and decide whom to trust. But when everything you know about vampires is based on a lie, how do you find the truth?"
Review by Jackie:
****1/2 Stars
(Doesn't contain spoilers unless you haven't read Eclipse)
I have previously read the entire Twilight Saga, and enjoyed it immensely.  I enjoyed the different viewpoint offered in this novella. It was interesting seeing the Twilight world through the eyes of newborn vampires(unlike Bella).
Bree Tanner isn't a savage vampire like the other newborns. She has the capability to think on her own and doesn't let her blood lust totally control her. While she viewed humans the same as the rest, as weak creatures, she refrained from acting in similar ways. I liked her character right from the beginning, and if I didn't previously know that she was going to die, I would have hoped that she became part of the Cullen Coven.
As a whole, this is a book that I will be reading again. If it wasn't given to me, I would have gone out and spent the money on it. It was nice being back in the world many of us have loved since Twilight first came out. I recommend it to any of the fans of the Twilight series.
This is my first review. Sherry had to help me some because I'm not really sure how to word things yet. I hope it's good enough for you all!
Jackie :)


  1. Great review Jackie! I really need to get this one soon.

  2. Good work on your first review - it was much better than my early attempts! I'm looking forward to seeing more in the future. :)


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